Genre- Poetry

joyful-noiseTitle: Joyful Noise

Author: Paul Fleischman

Publisher: Harper & Row

Date: 1988

Age Level: Elementary (3-4) or Upper (5-6)

Summary: “A collection of poems describing the characteristics and activities of a variety of insects.”

Strengths: I absolutely loved these poems. They were so fun. I read them alone and then had to find a friend to read them along with me. It made them so much better. I think these are the kinds of poems that students would enjoy reading. They are easy to read and understand. You can add as much expression to them as you would like and you can just have fun!

Concerns: I honestly have no concerns about these poems. They are awesome!!

Classroom Use: The teacher could use these in a Poetry Unit. Before the teacher started a topic, she/he could have a pair of students read the poems in front of the class. It would be neat to have students memorize the poems and perform some kind of skit with the poems along with props. The teacher could also have students make their own poems like Fleischman’s.

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Genre- Poetry

Title: This Land is Your Landthis-land-is-your-land

Author: Woody Guthrie

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Date: 1998

Age Level: Primary (K-2)

Summary: This well-known folk song is accompained by a trivute from folksinger Pete Seeger, the musical notation, and a biographical scrapbook with photographs.

Strengths: I love the detail in the illustrations. I like how the illustrator included all different kinds of places from around the world. I think it is neat that all the places are labeled also. The song is well known and many young kids love to learn new songs. Songs are something they can take home and show off to family and friends.  In the back of the book there is a tribute to Guthrie, which is also very neat.

Concerns: I think the pages are so detailed in there illustrations that you would have to look at the page for a few minutes to grasp everything, but the text is so short and simple. If you are singing the song, it sounds weird if you slow down to show off the pictures.

Classroom Use: This book would be good for any younger students talking about patriotism and the U.S.A. This would be a good book for a music teacher to read while trying to help students learn this song. I also think it would be a great book to have in the classroom for students to look at during any free time.

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Genre- Poetry

Title: Jabberwockyjabberwocky

Author: Christopher Myers

Publisher: Hyperion Books

Date: 2007

Age Level: Elementary(3-4) or Upper(5-6)

Summary: A classic poem from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glassed reimagined by Christopher Myers. A boy takes on the Jabberwocky in basketball.

Strengths: I liked that the book could be geared towards boys. It is hard to find poetry that can interest boys. I like that the text was large, small, and colorful. I thought it added exaggeration and emphasis to those words. I wanted to say them in a more intensified and different voice than the rest of the words. i like the use of illustrations. I think the illustrator did a great job using simple illustrations have meaning by making things different sizes to add emphasis. In the back of the book it does give an explanation of the nonsense words.

Concerns: I did not like the use of made up words. It made it hard for me to understand the poem. I had to read through a second time to iunderstand what was going on in the poem.

Classroom Use: This book could be used to get boys attention on poetry. I think it is hard to engage boys in poetry because so much of poetry is geared towards girls. This book can engage boys with sports, specifically basketball.

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Genre- Poetry

a-maze-meTitle: A Maze Me

Author: Naomi Shihab Nye

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Age Level: Upper (5-6)

Date: 2005

Summary: A book of poetry for girls.

Strengths: The author writes a detailed note in the front of the book about the poems written in the book. She tells readers they should jot notes down in a journal everyday even if it is only three sentences and they do not mean anything. The poems were fun and great for girls.

Concerns: The book is specifically geared towards girls. This is a serious problem because a lot of times it is hard to find books and especially poetry that will interest young boys.

Classroom Use: This book could be used in a lesson about poetry. It can be a book in a group of examples of poetry. It would be a great book to recommeng to girls that are really interested in poetry. This could be a book teachers use to motivate those girls to continue reading poetry and maybe even writing poetry.

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Genre- Poetry

Title: Hey You! C’merehey-you-cmere

Author: Elizabeth Swados

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Age Level: Elementary (3-4) or Upper (5-6)

Date: 2002

Summary: A poetry slam book. This book has many poems that are fun and silly and displayed in different ways.

Strengths: The book is directed toward a children audience. I think students could have a lot of fun with these different poems. The pictures are also fun and go with the poems. The way the text is written shows a lot of expression and enthusiasm in the poems.

Concerns: My only concern is some of the poems have no meaning. They are really pointless and that could be a problem for students trying to understand poetry.

Classroom Use: I think this is a good book to provide an example to students that poetry can be different and fun.  The teacher could assign students to write their own poems. She could give them a stack of poetry books to look at for help and this book would be a great one to include.

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