Genre- Graphic Novels

Title: Thoreau at Waldenthoreau

Author: John Porcellino

Publisher: Hyperion Books

Date: 2008

Age Level: Upper(5-6)

Summary: Porcellino write about Thoreau’s time at Waldern Pond. he uses Thoreau’s writings to tell the story in a comic stip format.

Strengths: The color scheme  works really well for the book. I thought the idea of this man leaving society to live in the nature was interesting, especially when he comes back and is put in jail for not paying taxes. I enjoyed this graphic novel is easy to follow along and read. There is not too much happening on each page that would distract the reader. After reading the book, I think it makes you want to go out and find out more about Thoreau.

Concerns: I think for some readers this book may be to advanced to understand. There is a lot of philosophy in this book that made it even harded for me to follow along.

Classroom Use: May be good to have in the classroom, especially for the advanced readers that enjoy graphic novels. This also may be a good book to recommend to a student for a project or paper on Thoreau.

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  1. Hi, Erika, I agree that this book is really for older readers. I think middle and high school students would appreciate it the most.

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