Genre- Informational/Bios

trees-of-kenyaTitle: Planting the Trees of Kenya

Author: Claire A. Nivola

Publisher: Frances Foster Books

Date: 2008

Age Level: Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-4), or Upper (5-6)

Summary: Wangari Maathai returns to Kenya after being away for 5 yrs. at college and finds that the landscape is completely different. The people of Kenya are suffering because there is no water, trees, or food. Wangari Maathai teaches the people to plant trees and gardens to help themselves instead of waiting on the government.

Strengths: I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. They are very eye catching and go along with the text very well. This book really shows people how one person can make a difference. I enjoyed the story and I really liked Maathai stepped up and made the people help themselves instead of waiting for the government. I love the courage this one women had to even go to inmates and prisons to talk about what needs to be done, especially being a woman.

Concerns: The only thing I didn’t completely understand was how the fig tree was so sacred and than after five years the people of Kenya are cutting this sacred tree down. If they would have left their fig trees alone then they might not have been in the situation they were in or atleast not as bad.

Classroom Use: This would be great to be used in a history class. It is a great book to read to students especially maybe around Earth Day. It is great to show students that they can make a difference. I think it would be great to also turn students on to Wangari Maathi for independent research papers or projects.

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