Genre- Informational/Bios

Title: The Magic School Bus at the Waterworksmagic-school-bus

Author: Joanna Cole

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Date: 1986

Age Level: Primary(K-2)

Summary: “When Ms. Frizzle, the strangest teacher in school, takes her class on a field trip to the waterworks, everyone ends up experiencing the water prification system from the inside.”

Strengths: This book gives great information to students about the water cycle in a fun way. The pictures are great and the personality of the characters makes the story fun. I like how at the beginning of the story it captures the readers attention about Ms. Frizzle being strange. It makes you want to keep reading to see what this teacher has up her sleeve. I also like at the end of the book it gives a review of the steps of the water cycle and how water gets to our homes. At the end of the book it explains the things that are not real in the book for the “Serious Students” to read.

Concerns: The only thing I feel might be a problem about this book is it may be too difficult for students to read on their own. There is too much going on on the pages of this book. I think it might be too much for them to keep track of.

Classroom Use: The book would be a great book to start a lesson on the water cycle or to review the water cycle. Students seem to be really interested in the magic school bus.

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