Genre- Informational/Bios

Title: We Rode the Orphan Trainsorphan-trains

Author: Andrea Warren

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

Date: 2001

Age Level: Upper (5-6) or even beyond into high school grades

Summary: Andrea Warren tells the stories of people who rode on the Orphan Trains that took orphans by trains to different states in the nation to find them families between 1854 and 1929.

Strengths: I was really interested in this book. It tells personal accounts of train riders that are very informative and emotional. I love the old pictures displayed every couple pages. I think it is a great source for students interested in this topic and Warren has many more informational books.

Concerns: I think that some parts of this book are for older grades beyond elementary school. In one part Warren talks about some of the kids being emotional, verbally, and sexually abused. This might be too hard for younger students to understand and they may be too young for teachers to discuss with them. Some of the stories are happy, but many of them are sad. For example, the two brothers that set out to find their mother. They found her and she didn’t seem interested in them. Some students may think this is really depressing, too depressing for them to read and maybe even scary.

Classroom Use: This would be great to use in the classroom during a social studies unit. The teacher could choose a couple chapters to read to the students, so they could get a picture of how it was from people who were actually on the trains. It would also be good to use for students that had a paper and project to do this on Orphan Trains.

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