Genre- Historical Fiction

Title: A School for Pompey Walkerpompey-walker

Author: Michael J. Rosen

Publisher: Harcourt Brace & Company

Date: 1995

Age Level: Elementary (3-4) or Upper (5-6)

Summary: “At the dedication of a school named after him, an old former slave tells the story of his life and how, with the help of a white friends, he managed to save money to build a school for black children in Ohio by being repeatedly sold into and escaping from slavery.”

Strengths: I thought the book was very descriptive about a life of a slave. I like that it was from his own account, I think it makes you feel more for the character. I love the illustrations. I like that this book is positive. I think in so many books about slavery they are always very negative. This book shows how a bond between a white man and a slave help to build a school for black students.

Concerns: I think the way in which the story is told with Pompey Walker telling the story but also talking to the students (shown in italics) is confusing. I think some kids may be turned off because they are confused. This book is descriptive so some of the hard times may be hard for students to comprehend, when Pompey Walker gets beaten.

Classroom Use: This book would be great if assigning students projects or a paper. The teacher could give this book to a student and have them read the book, but also do more background research. This would be great to have when doing a unit on Slavery. Again, its nice to point out that this book has a positive mood, so it might be neat to have students research other slaves that had contributions or other stories out there.

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