Genre- Historical Fiction

Title: Seesaw Girlseesaw-girl

Author: Linda Sue Park

Publisher: Clarion Books

Date: 1999

Age Level: Elementary(3-4) or Upper(5-6)

Summary: Impatient with the constraints put on her as an aristocrat girl living in Korea during the seventennth century, twelve year old Jade Blossom determines to see beyond her small world.

Strengths: I thought the author was very good at describing the life women had during seventeenth century Korea. I thought it was a great example of how other cultures view social class.  I thought it gave a great visual of what life was like and how younger girls didn’t quite understand why it was that way. I like the ending of the book, although it was not what I expected I thought it was creative. Jade found a way to see something she wanted to while still following the rules.

Concerns: The book is geared toward female readers, which would be hard to use as a book the whole class reads. I also didnt like how Jade dealt with all the stereotypes of how womens lives were in this time. While reading, I was expecting Jade to stand up for her freedom.

Classroom Use: This is a great book to introduce students to different cultures. The setting of this book is in Korea where many women don’t have the freedoms that they have here in the U.S. This book could be used in a unit about Asian culture. This book would also be good to have in the classroom for girls to read.

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  1. Interesting comment on how the main character did not stand up for herself – it’s hard for us reading in the 21st century to realize how life really was for women back then. I actually give Park credit for not making her character seem too much like a modern woman in 17th century dress.

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