Genre- Poetry

Title: Jabberwockyjabberwocky

Author: Christopher Myers

Publisher: Hyperion Books

Date: 2007

Age Level: Elementary(3-4) or Upper(5-6)

Summary: A classic poem from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glassed reimagined by Christopher Myers. A boy takes on the Jabberwocky in basketball.

Strengths: I liked that the book could be geared towards boys. It is hard to find poetry that can interest boys. I like that the text was large, small, and colorful. I thought it added exaggeration and emphasis to those words. I wanted to say them in a more intensified and different voice than the rest of the words. i like the use of illustrations. I think the illustrator did a great job using simple illustrations have meaning by making things different sizes to add emphasis. In the back of the book it does give an explanation of the nonsense words.

Concerns: I did not like the use of made up words. It made it hard for me to understand the poem. I had to read through a second time to iunderstand what was going on in the poem.

Classroom Use: This book could be used to get boys attention on poetry. I think it is hard to engage boys in poetry because so much of poetry is geared towards girls. This book can engage boys with sports, specifically basketball.

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