Genre- Realistic Fiction

Title: A Corner of the Universea-corner

Author: Ann M. Martin

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Age Level: Upper (5-6)

Date: 2002

Summary: A young girl named Hattie discovers an Uncle she never knew about. This particular Uncle has mental problems that her family seems to not understand. Hattie develops a friendship with Uncle Adam. They teach each other valuable lessons throughout the book. This book is a Newberry Honor book.

Strengths: I loved the book. I liked that Ann Martin added Uncle Adam with mental problems. I think some students do not have any experience with this and with inclusion classrooms being so prevalent it is a good thing to know about. I like the relationship between Hattie and Uncle Adam. They both help each other realize things. I think it is special because nobody else in the family seems to know how to deal with the situation. 

Concerns: The idea of a mentally retarded Uncle who acts more like a child than the grown adult man that he is might be hard for some readers to understand if they do not have a personal experience in this area. Their might be a lot of questions about some of the behaviors Uncle Adam has or does throughout the book.

Classroom Use: This book would be great you upper elementary readers. It is a good book to have as a choice for the readers to do a book discussion or literacy circle.  I would recommend it for girls, but it would also be a great book for special education learners. I think it is something they could relate to.

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  1. Great comments on this book!
    By the way, watch the spelling of Newbery – only one R!

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