Genre- Realistic Fiction

Title: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridgewilfrid

Author: Mem Fox

Publisher: Kane/Miller Publishers

Date: 1984

Age Level: Primary (K-2)

Summary: “A small boy tries to discover the meaning of “memory” so he can restore that of an elderly friend.”

Strengths: I enjoyed the use of white space in the illustrations. The use of white space really makes the reader focus on the text and the accompanying illustrations. I think it gives you a better connection to the close relationship Wilfird and Miss Nancy have. I also thought the idea of the story being centered around a young boy making friends with the elderly in a home is unique. I liked this aspect of the book and I think it could be good for the younger grades to see how they could help their community even at a young age. I enjoy Wilfrid’s curiosity and determination to figure out what “memory” is and retrieve Miss Nancy’s memory.

Concerns: I thought it was strange how all the things Wilfrid chooses to bring back Miss Nancy’s memory back actually do. Every single one makes some connection to Miss Nancy. I didn’t like how the book didn’t explain the capacity of memory. Miss Nancy retrieves a few memories, but she has still lost a lot and I don’t think that is clear to readers, expecially if they are not sure what “memory” is.

Classroom Use: I think this is a great book for the younger grades. I feel that a lot of students have grandparents they might relate this book with. They are also at an age when they are discovering new words and their meanings everyday. I think this would be a good story book just to read for fun to the students.

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